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Christopher Powell

February 8th, 1961 - July 24th, 2006

From Sean Geraghty:

Chris was very special to me. He was my first "best friend", dating back to 3rd grade at Jim Allen Elementary School, and we remained friends through our senior year at Tate High School. His joy and zest for life was abundantly evident in everything he did, and he had many many talents. I thought about him for years after we graduated from high school and lost touch, and when I decided to look him up and reconnect in 2007, regrettably I had put it off for too long and missed the opportunity. You will be forever remembered, my friend Chris!

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Christopher M. Powell was born February 8, 1961 and earned his master's degree from the University of Florida in 2000 to become a physician assistant. He was known for his taste and hobbies, which included gourmet cooking, Bonsai and Orchid gardening. Powell was also a magician and an award-winning dancer.

Powell is remembered for bringing joy into the lives of all he touched. He approached life with extreme enthusiasm and possessed a contagious sense of humor. He was a member of St. Patrick Catholic Church and harbored a deep faith in God.

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