News Headlines
    Vietnam Takes Over Cambodia 
    Shah Leaves Iran For "Vacation" 
    Ayatollah Khomeini Returns To Iran From France 
    China Invades Vietnam 
    Accident At 3-Mile Island Pa., nuclear Plant Threatens Area 
    OPEC Announces Further Oil Price Increase, 50% In One Year 
    $1.5 Billion Federal Bailout Is Approved For Chrysler  

    In The News
    US and China establish diplomatic relations, formal ties with Taiwan are severed 
    Voyager sends photos of Jupiter 
    Margaret Thatcher is elected first Woman British Prime Minister  
    Inflation 13.3%, Prime Rate 15.75% 
    "Archie Bunkers Place" with Carroll O'Conner premiers 
    "The Dukes Of Hazard" with Tom Wopat and John Schneider premiers 
    California is the first state to initiate gas rationing on alternate days, many states will follow 
    President:  James Earl Carter, Jr. 
    Vice President:  Walter F. Mondale 

    Life expectancy:  73.9 years 

    High:  907 
    Low:  742 

    Federal spending: 
    $504.03 billion 
    Federal debt:  $829.5 billion 
    Inflation:  13.3% 
    Consumer Price Index:  72.6 
    Unemployment:  6.1% 

    Cost of a new home:  $71,800.00 
    Cost of a new car: 
    Median Household Income:  $16,461.00 
    Cost of a first-class stamp:  $0.15 
    Cost of a gallon of regular gas:  $0.86 
    Cost of a dozen eggs:  $0.85 
    Cost of a gallon of Milk:  $1.62 
    Billboard Top 10
    1. Heart Of Glass - Blondie 
    2. My Sharona - The Knack 
    3. Just When I Needed You Most - Randy Van Warmer 
    4. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes 
    5. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor 
    6. Y. M. C. A. - Village People 
    7. Sad Eyes - Robert John 
    8. Fire - Pointer Sisters 
    9. Ring My Bell - Anita Ward 
    10. Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels 

    Top Albums
    Bad Girls - Donna Summer     (CD)
    Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits, vol 2 - Barbra Streisand     (CD)
    Breakfast in America - Supertramp     (CD)
    Minute by Minute - Doobie Brothers     (CD)
    Spirits Having Flown - Bee Gees     (CD)
    The Long Run - Eagles     (CD)

    Grammy Awards
    Album of the Year:  52nd Street, Billy Joel     
    Best New Artist:   Rickie Lee Jones     
    Best Pop Duo or Group:  “Gotta Serve Somebody,” Bob Dylan     
    Best Pop Female Vocal:  “I'll Never Love This Way Again,” Dionne Warwick     
    Best Pop Male Vocal:  52nd Street, Billy Joel     
    Best Rock Female Vocal:  “Hot Stuff,” Donna Summer     
    Best Rock Male Vocal:  “Heartache Tonight,” Eagles     
    Record of the Year:  “What a Fool Believes,” Doobie Brothers     
    Song of the Year:  “What a Fool Believes”     
    $$$ -Top Movie Money Makers
    Kramer vs. Kramer  $106,260,000        
    The Amityville Horror   $86,432,520      
    Star Trek: The Motion Picture  $82,300,000        
    Apocalypse Now   $78,800,000      
    The Muppet Movie   $76,657,000      

    Other New Movie Releases
    All that Jazz    
    Being There    
    Breaking Away    
    Escape From Alcatraz    
    Norma Rae      
    The Black Stallion    
    The China Syndrome    
    The Great Santini    

    Academy Awards
    Best Actor:   Dustin Hoffman: Kramer vs. Kramer      
    Best Actress:   Sally Field: Norma Rae      
    Best Director:   Robert Benton: Kramer vs. Kramer      
    Best Picture:   Stanley R. Jaffe: Kramer vs. Kramer      
    Best Supporting Actor:   Melvyn Douglas: Being There      
    Best Supporting Actress:   Meryl Streep: Kramer vs. Kramer      
    Americas Top 20 TV Favorites
    ) 60 Minutes     
    ) Three's Company     
    ) That's Incredible     
    ) Alice     
    ) M*A*S*H     
    ) Dallas     
    ) Flo     
    ) The Jeffersons     
    ) The Dukes of Hazzard     
    10  ) One Day at a Time     
    11  ) WKRP in Cincinnati     
    12  ) Goodtime Girls     
    13  ) Archie Bunker's Place     
    14  ) Taxi     
    15  ) Eight Is Enough     
    16  ) Little house on the Prairie     
    17  ) House Calls     
    18  ) Real People     
    19  ) CHiPs     
    20  ) Happy Days     

    Emmy Awards

    Best Drama -   Lou Grant (CBS)     
    Best Actor -   Ed Asner, Lou Grant     
    Best Actress -   Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas     
    Supporting Actor -  Stuart Margolin, The Rockford Files     
    Supporting Actress -   Nancy Marchand, Lou Grant     

    Best Comedy -  Taxi (ABC)     
    Best Actor -   Richard Mulligan, Soap     
    Best Actress -   Cathryn Damon, Soap     
    Supporting Actor -  Harry Morgan, M*A*S*H     
    Supporting Actress -   Loretta Swit, M*A*S*H     
    Best Variety-  IBM Presents Baryshnikov on Broadway (ABC)   
    Superbowl  XIV  Pittsburgh  31  LA RAMS  19 
    Pro MVP:  Earl Campbell, Houston, RB 
    College Football:  Alabama 
    Heisman Trophy:  Charles White, USC, RB 
    Rose Bowl:  USC 17, Ohio St. 16 
    Orange Bowl:  Oklahoma 24, Florida St. 7 
    Cotton Bowl:  Houston 17, Nebraska 14 
    Sugar Bowl:  Alabama 24, Arkansas 9 

    NBA Championship 
    Winner:  Seattle  4-1 (LWWWW)  - Coach:  Lenny Wilkens 
    Opposing Team:  WASH. BULLETS  - Coach:  Dick Motta 
    NBA MVP:  Moses Malone, Houston, C  Ave Score:  24.8 
    NCAA National Champions:  Michigan St  26-6  - Coach:  Jud Heathcote 

    World Series 
    Winner:   PITTSBURGH  4-3 (LWLLWWW)  - Coach:  Chuck Tanner 
    Opposing Team:  Baltimore  - Coach:  Earl Weaver 
    National League 
    MVP:  Keith Hernandez, St.L & Willie Stargell, Pit  -   1B 
    Rookie of the Year:  Rick Sutcliffe, LA  -   3B 
    American League 
    MVP:  Don Baylor, Cal  -   OF-DH 
    Rookie of the Year:  John Castino, Min & Alfredo Griffin, Tor  -   3B & SS
    Electronic games like Speak and Spell, Chess Challenger and Little Professor are a hit. 
    In Golf, Tom Watson wins a record $462,600. 
    Franchise to Dunkin Donuts was $45,000 
    What's new: Cracker Jack ice cream bars, pocket calulator, and disposable toothbrushes. 
    Ad for Van Camp's Pork and Beans: "If you think asparagus has a lot of iron, you don't know beans." 
    Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden tour 50 cities to speak out against nuclear power. 
    Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, and Robert Redford command $3 million per film. 
    Following the Three Mile Island accident, antinuclear rallies are held throughout the country. 
    Numerous brands of hair dryers are recalled because of suspected harmful amounts of asbestos 
    Mahammad Ali "officially" retires with a record of 56 (37 KOs) - 3-0