1) Who was the Class President for our class during our senior year?
Debbie Hernandez
Harry Bailey
Susan Drott
Vaughn Stanaland
2) Who was voted "Wittiest Girl"?
Jessie Vann
Donna Riddle
Carol Chapman
Pam Desposito

3) What is the name of the Tate fight song?
The Horse
Hail to the Victorious Aggies
Cheers, cheers for old Tate High
The Tate Fight Song
4) Who was the Drum Majorette for "The Showband of the South"?
Susan Gonzalez
Julie Newman
Shari King
Debbie Bowers

5) Which teacher also appeared on local television commercials for Kentucky Fried Chicken?
Mr. Varner
Ms. Appleyard
Mrs. Sanders
Mrs. Killiam
6) This "Most Talented Boy" was a soloist in the band, newspaper editor, had leadership roles in Latin club, student government, and Teens for Christ, among other things. Who was he?
Brian Robertson
Andy Breeden
Tom Curley
Steven Kirk

7) Many of our classmates have gone on to do very interesting things, some you might have guessed, others perhaps not. This classmate now works for the Centers for Disease Control as an IT manager. Who is it?
Tracee Peters
Rusty Towery
Tom Skinner
Debbie Toepfer
8) This classmate was involved in many activities, including basketball, track, cross country, and the National Honor Society, and was one of two of our classmates to go to West Point. Who is it?
Chris Williams
Sharon Roberts
Troy Lewis
Keith Ridgway

9) This classmate was a Junior Miss, and went on to get a law degree from Florida State. Who was it?
Karen Duff
Renee Shelby
Joyce Lackey
Susan Kares
10) How many pairs of married classmates are in our class, and how many are still married?
1 pair, 1 still married
3 pairs, 2 still married
6 pairs, 6 still married, plus a few more married to someone from a different Tate class
Depends on whether you count same-sex couples