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Jeffrey Prichard
March 20, 1961 Pensacola FL sprinkler technician Committed Relationship 2
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Jan Fillingim (Brown (Fillingim))
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Cantonment FL Hairstylist Married 2
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Brian Robertson
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February 05, 1961 Gahanna Ohio Executive Pastor Married 2

     After graduation, I headed to Liberty University where I received a BS in Music. I stayed in Lynchburg for 2 more years working for Dr. Jerry Falwell's television program. During that time I met my wife Terri. We married in May of 1985 and moved to Columbus, Ohio where we started a church with several other couples from college. For many years I served as Worship Arts & Pogramming Pastor. As the church has grown (now about 2000 members), my role has changed and 8 years ago I became Executive Pastor, overseeing ministries and staff. One of my favorite "jobs" is to mentor young adult men, many of whom have no relationship or struggle in their relationship with their fathers. I also travel several times per year leading mission/humanitarian trips to Central America. Terri works for Mt. Carmel Health Providers as a Referral Specialist (yeah, I don't know either!) we are now enjoying "empty nesting" (hard to believe we are that old!)
     We have two sons. Benjamin (27) lives in NYC and is a Young Adult Outreach Coordinator with the Diocese of New York. Brent (25) is in politics, has worked on Capital Hill and currently is a campaign manager for US House races in this year's election.
    My parents left P'cola about 8 years ago and moved to Louisville, KY where my brother lives. Closer to the grand kids!


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Tony Howard
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October 01, 1961 Milton FL Avionics Tech. Committed Relationship 2
After graduation I enlisted in the Marine Corps with Oleg. I stayed in for 6 yrs and returned to the area in 1984. I bounced around jobs for the next two years and then I started working at Whiting Field in 1986 and have been there since working as a avionics tech on those orange and white helicopters you see flying around Pensacola.  Needless to say I am not the same 6' 3" 155 lb kid of 1979. Now I'm more like 6'3" 255 lbs. Man what years will do to a body. I live in the Jay area now I have 2 beautiful daughters. My oldest is 19 and goes to college in California, my yougest is 13 and attends Jay High. Also Lori the love of my life lives with us also.I love music and have been playing guitar and singing for over 25 yrs. Got to meet a lot of interesting people along the way, Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed, Ricky Lee Phelps, Hank Jr. etc. Now I devote my time to my family,playing and working. We live near Jay Florida and have 5 acres with a pond and creek. I have settled down quite a bit since my highschool days but I still have a crazy fun side to me that will not seem to go away. I started college but never finished. Actually I need only a few credits to graduate but can't find the time to get er done. I can't beleive how fast time has gone by. I can still remember some of the good times I had at Tate. I feels like it was just yesterday.  I was out of town for both the 10th and 20th reunion so it will be nice to see everyone. You will recognize me I will be old fat, bald guy. LOL Send Tony  a MessageSend Tony a Message
Katherine (Kathy) Brandom (Tendall)
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April 24, 1961 Houston TX Accountant Married 3
Apparently, I have been on the missing persons list for the last 30 years so many of you may not remember me.  I moved to Pensacola from Houston for my junior/senior years of high school.  I remember everyone at Tate being very welcoming and friendly to the new girl.  My family moved to California my freshman year of college while I was attending Oklahoma State University. I tranferred to Pepperdine University my sophomore year and graduated in 1983 with a BS in Accounting.  I met my husband Bruce while working for Exxon in Thousand Oaks, CA. We have now been married almost 23 years.  We moved to Houston in 1986.  We have 3 terrific daughters Annie (17), Ellie & Laura (16) who all attend the same high school I started at in Houston before coming to Tate.  I currently work for the University of Houston Foundation.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the 30th reunion.  Sean just found me this week (so I am no longer MIA) and we already have a trip planned for the same weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful time.  Maybe I will be able to make it for the 40th (better late than never).  Many thanks to Sean for organizing this event! Send Katherine (Kathy) a MessageSend Katherine (Kathy) a Message
Tanya Ellis (Reynolds)
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June 23, 1960 Mt. Juliet TN Church Office Administrator / School Bus Driver Married 3
Soon after graduation, I moved to St. Louis MO and attended St. Louis Comm Coll at Meramec. When my brother decided to go back to college, he and I moved to Gainesville, FL where he attended UF and I attended Santa Fe Comm Coll and I received my AA - graduated with a Cum GPA of 3.85 - what a ditz I was in high school. I did a short stint at UF, but found that I hated a big school atmosphere.

After that, I moved back to P'cola, attended UWF (seeking my BS in Math Education - 3 years towards my BS degree), I got a job at the Pensacola Airport Gift Shop as Ass't Mgr. In April 1985, I met my husband, Bobby at the airport (Escambia HS Class of '83 - yes, I robbed the cradle - he was 19 and I was 24) and being "totally in love" I decided to quit college and get married - I haven't looked back since.

We married March 14, 1987 and have been in love and married 22 years (for our anniversary he compiled a 16-minute video commemorating our life together - pictures and songs and dialogue - he is such a romantic).

We have been blessed with 3 very active, witty, handsome, animated and loving boys: Bobby, III is 21, Daniel is soon to be 18 on July 12th, and Kyle is 12.

I was a stay-at-home Mom for years. I have been Room Mother, Team Mom, Teacher's Assistant, Sunday School Teacher, SS Superintendent, VBS Leader/Teacher/Director, Fellowship Director, Sr. High Youth Group Leader, Scout Mom, a volunteer wearing many hats supporting my children - whatever their passion, I supported 100%. They have been involved in Football, Baseball, Wrestling, and Basketball.

Through job changes/transfers (husband - Bell Systems Contracts, and automotive retail) we have spent our married life living in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Daytona, Orlando, Gainesville, Valdosta GA, back to Pensacola, Panama City, Keene/Westmoreland NH, and now in Mt. Juliet TN. (I have a lot of ancestry in TN and feel as if I've "come home to Tennessee." I love TN and don't ever want to leave.)

While growing up I experienced a lot of moving with my Dad's job (contract engineer) and we ended up back in our hometown of P'cola at Tate for my 9th grade year. My Dad traveled with his job and we stayed in P'cola so I could attend one high school and graduate. I always wanted to marry a guy who had been in the same hometown all of his life. I married Bobby, who had been born and raised in P'cola, and viola! one month after the wedding he was transferred to Jacksonville, and so we moved and kept on moving for years. God knew he needed the right woman to accept the gypsy life.

For the past 5 years I have been the Office Administrator at our church doing everything that needs to be done to make Sunday a worshipful experience.

A year-and-a-half ago I decided to learn how to drive a school bus for extra income. I absolutely love driving those dear babies to school. And, believe it or not, a bus is easier to drive than your personal car, mirrors are wonderful! I can't believe it, my husband still won't let me put banana (bubble) mirrors and side mirrors on my van!

I have experienced many ups and downs in this life, but I would not trade one moment. I have learned to appreciate the moments in life that defines you and to either let you be ruled by them or to rule them. "Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things." Sound advice to deal with anything that comes your way...

Have a blast at the 30th Year Reunion! I attended the 10th and had a wonderful time. I won't be able to attend the 30th cause it's my son's 18th birthday and we're celebrating his milestone birthday. Hope to see pictures on the website.

In the faith and in the Word and in Christ,
<><, Tanya (Ellis) Reynolds

Personal note to Scott Hines: You profess to read religious books, etc. and are willing to debate all philosophies, and are a devout Atheist... The One book you need to read, digest, and let into your heart and soul is the Bible... it is the One inerrant Word of God. He loves you and forgives you. It's just your heart that hardens your thoughts against Him. Put Satan behind you and Jesus in your sight and eternity is yours... Just a thought... In Christ, <><, Tanya (Ellis) Reynolds
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Lisa Campbell (Taylor)
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October 24, 1961 Cantonment FL Scan Coordinator Married 2
Wish I could be there - Can't believe it's been 30 years.  Send Lisa a MessageSend Lisa a Message
Keith Bolen
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Celina TX Tom Curley's Mentor / Life Coach Single 1
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Lee Harmon
September 18, 1961 Pensacola FL Estimator/Project Manager Married 2
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Sal Baldwin
August 30, 1960 Hanover FL Business Owner Married
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Kimberly Richardson
November 24, 1961 Pensacola FL Sr. Tax Specialist Single 1
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Troy Lewis
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July 07, 1961 Gulf Breeze FL Lab Manager Married 2
Wow.  How come everyone else looks the same and I don't even recognize myself?  30 years went by in a hurry. 

After graduating from UWF, I went to work for Sacred Heart Hospital, where I've been for the past 27 years.  I'm the business development manager for the lab. 

I married Lisa Barrett, a Woodham grad and a Ferry Pass Middle School sweetheart, 25 years ago this month.

We have two beautiful daughters, Lauren, 20 and Sarah, 15.  Both are athletic and have always been very busy with sports.  I tell folks that I couldn't figure out how to have boys, so I played with my girls like they were.

We have 8 dogs.  Three Brussels Griffons, three miniature Chihuahuas, a Shih Tzu and a miniature Dachshound.  We also have 2 Siamese cats. 

Lauren swam competitively and enjoyed competitive gymnastic cheerleading, before focusing on college.  She has not made less than an "A" for any subject, grading period or report card since the 3rd grade.  (Thank goodness for recessive genes)  She is a political science major at UWF and is contemplating law school.  She is currently gaining experience working for a local criminal defense attorney.  She runs daily to stay in shape.

Sarah will be a sophmore at Gulf Breeze High when school resumes in the Fall.  I have coached her for the past 6 years in fastpitch softball - the greatest sport God ever invented.  She is my pitcher.  She also plays volleyball for the high school and a local travel team.  We went to Dallas last year for the USA Volleyball Junior Olympic National Championships!  Got beaten badly, but had a great time.

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and catching up!

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John Pace
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May 05, 1961 Abbeville SC Servicing the customer Single 1
Hello Aggies!

Thanks Sean, and others, for all the efforts to organize this. I haven't kept up well with any of my '79 class-mates, so this should be a neat experience.

Life has been great, and getting better. My 8th grade daughter Brandi and I live in Abbeville, SC. Monsanto brought me here in '92; spun-off Solutia in '98; and the nylon business just sold on Jun 4, so I'm with Ascend Performance Materials now.

The past ~15yrs have afforded the chance to see a lot of the world, but most importantly the realization that THIS is it! It may be too laid-back for most, but the Carolinas are home now. No doubt, I can't get Red Snapper, or even a decent shrimp around here, but the trade-offs are great: no crowds, plenty of elbow room and some of the best single-track in the world. (Some days I quit my job and just go ride the bike ...)  

Brandi is a beautiful, happy, confident child; never been really sick a day in her life. Ultimately, she is why I'm here. And I may fall apart when she leaves home, but 'till then I don't plan to change a thing - so long as she has a smile on her face. I've got that, a comfortable home in the woods, plenty of books to read, my piano, and awesome trails just down the road. C'mon over! 

All the best to each of you -

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Janice Atwood (McGruder)
August 21, 1961 Pensacola FL Recovery Specialists Married 2
I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  A lot of you I have not seen since we had our 10 year Reunion.  It's truly a blessing that all of us are getting together and reuniting with each other. Send Janice a MessageSend Janice a Message
Tracee Peters (Brenner)
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August 23, 1961 Fairfield CA Director of Finance Married 7
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Steve Grant
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July 04, 1960 McDavid FL Single Again 3
30 years is a short time, where did it go ?
I have 3 daughters , 25 - 17 - 8.
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Jessie Vann (Stubbs)
July 18, 1961 Houston TX Married
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Charlza Boren (Burt)
March 29, 1961 Cantonment FL Financial Sales Assistant Married
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Cathy Regaspi (Cox)
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Pensacola FL Revenue Specialist Married 3

Hi Aggies!
Well, after being in a hurry to leave Pensacola after high school, I found my way back to the place I love.  I graduated from Auburn with a BS in Industrial Management.  I don't know how I missed Sylvia in all  the partying.  Met my wondeful husband of 23 years in Auburn and we lived the military life in North Carolina and California.  I was blessed to be a stay at home mom while my three kids were growing up. 

Now, the kids are Aggies and I'm busy with work, swim meets, and volleyball.  I'm lucky that I still have my dad to cook and taxi the kids.  When I have time,  I like to just sit at the beach and fish.  I'm looking forward to making it this reunion since I missed out on the others.


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Susie Johnson (Whitfield)
Pace FL Paramedic Supervisor Divorced 1

I am looking forward to the reunion. I still live in the area, I work as a Paramedic Supervisor at the same place for the past 25 years.

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