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Keith Ridgway
Woodstock GA Senior Systems Engineering Manager Married 2
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Jimmy Norton
April 26, 1961 Cantonment FL IP Boiler Operator Married 2
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David Byrd
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October 30, 1961 Hoover AL Minister Married 3
I could say 30 years have flown by, but then there are days like today that kinda creep.

After graduation I attended PJC then Samford U in B'ham.  I dropped out of college and began working for Parisian.

I worked at 7 stores in 7 years, mainly training associates how to sell and training managers how to communicate with associates.

Parisian moved me around a lot.  I ended up in P'cola.  There I felt God calling me to be a minister. My last day at Parisian was 12/24/88 - Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas to me!

I  dropped into school at UWF.  I graduated with a degree in Communication Arts/Public Relations, then to New Orleans for seminary.

I met Karla, my wife at Parisian in P'cola.  We are celebrating 20 years this August.  I have 3 great children.
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Scott Hines
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February 26, 1961 Palo Alto CA Librarian/Academic Divorced 2
Hey everyone! Thanks to Sean for getting everything moving here!

I live out in California these days, near San Francisco. I ended up here as a trailing spouse after living many years in New Jersey. I actually miss New Jersey!

After Tate, I went to college all over the place, spending a bit of time at FSU, PJC, UWF and then finally settling down a bit to study chemistry and religion at New College of Florida down in Sarasota. I had great fun there -- if you have kids thinking about college and they are interested in something different from the usual places and they are up to a heavy duty academic challenge, New College is a great choice.

I almost went to a seminary for grad school to continue studying religion after New College (I've been an atheist for a long time, since 9th grade, pretty much, but I love thinking about and reading about and talking about religion), but instead I followed my New College girlfriend up to New Jersey and lived in New Jersey for the most part for the next 15 years, with stop offs to live in Gainesville, Pensacola, North Carolina, and Chicago at various times.

I had been happily avoiding the middle class for many years -- hey, I listed my occupation as "Mystic" on my income tax returns for several years in the late 80s and early 90s -- but then an old friend recruited me to join the middle class team out in Chicago, and so I happily changed my occupation to "Wage Slave" on the tax returns for the next several years, acquired some astoundingly great kids (at least 2 -- 2.5, maybe, I guess, if you count the one who was reincarnated), a lovely wife who is now an excellent ex-wife, and a nice low-key job as a librarian and an academic.

I spent a few years on the tenure track at Rutgers University in NJ, where I had gotten degrees in communication and information science, teaching communication, building digital libraries, and doing a bit of info science research and consulting work as a sophist, but now I work as a librarian at a small university. And read lots of religion, neuroscience, constitutional law, history, and a bit of fiction so I can have fun conversations with people in line at the grocery store.
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Donnie Shear
October 21, 1961 Pace FL Ready Mix Concrete Married 2
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Al Land
October 07, 1961 Little Rock AR Married 1
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Gary Baker
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Woodstock GA Engineer Married 3
It's been 30 years? No way!  As hard as it is to believe that 30 years have passed, it has been fun reading what everyone has been up to.

Renee Rasberry and I started dating soon after we graduated from Tate and married right after we both graduated from UWF in '83. We lived in West Palm Beach for a couple of years and then moved to Huntsville, AL where we had our son, Eric, in '86.

We moved to Fort Walton Beach in '87 where we each got a Master's degree from UWF and we had two daughters: Nicole in '90 and Alyssa and '94.  We  moved to Woodstock, GA (just north of Atlanta) in '98 and have been there since.  

I've worked in the aerospace industry the whole time and currently work for Lockheed Martin on the F-22 program.

It'll be great catching up again...see you at the reunion.
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Sue Gulsby (White)
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September 25, 1961 Cantonment FL Senior Office Support Assistant www.myspace/ Married 1
I can't wait to see everyone!  I see some people periodically and missed the first two by living in New Orleans.  I am currently married with one daugther and one beautiful 6-year old granddaughter, Lyndzii Suzhanne.  I am into horses and own a wonderful quarterhorse named Thunder.  I work for the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners.  I am 1/2 of the way through law school and plan to return to New Orleans to complete my studies at Tulane.  Can't wait to see everyone! Send Sue a MessageSend Sue a Message
Freddie LYNN Pendleton
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June 22, 1960 Ocean Springs ms Business Owner Married 5
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Susan Drott (Arent)
April 01, 1961 Southlake TX International Tax Married 3
I am so excited to see everyone!!!!  Looking forward to catching up.  After high school, I attended Rice University in Houston and I have never left Texas since!  Currently reside in Southlake Texas (located between Dallas and Fort Worth).  Have three amazing kids, Matt 21 - attending Texas Tech, Michael 18 - soon to be attending Oklahoma University or TCU and Makenzie 7 (yes, you read that correct, she is currently in 2nd grade!!!)  Again, hope everyone can make it!!
Should be lots of fun.  E-mail me!!!!
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D. Scott Bedford
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February 05, 1961 Gulf Shores AL Wealth Management Divorced 1
Hey all,  30 years condensed into a few sentence fragments...Attended S.M.U. in Dallas, TX...degrees in marketing and economics...spent 10 years as a financial advisor with Dean Witter in Dallas....was on the nationally syndicated dating show "Studs" in the early 80's and failed married....moved to Orange Beach, AL and joined Smith Barney as an advisor in Pensacola...  was amicalbly divorced after 10 years and have a bright and beautiful 8 year old daughter (Kennedy)...just left Smith Barney to open my own wealth advisory branch of Raymond James financial in Orange Beach, AL....I surf, play beach volleyball, cycle, and host 8 year old girl sleepovers.....looking forward to catching up. Send D. Scott a MessageSend D. Scott a Message
Terry Dungan
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August 12, 1961 Engineering Rep. Married 2

Hi All,


My sweet and beautiful cousin Martha Rose (Dungan) called and told me of the reunion and web site (thanks Martha). So here I am checking in.


 It has been a long, long time and what a ride it has been. I can only hope you all have enjoyed the journey as much as I have.  I moved from Pensacola at 18 just after high school to Houston. I meet a lot of great people including my beautiful wife Jackie. We have been married for 23 years now and have two wonderful sons which can be somewhat of a handful at times, payback from my teen years??? We moved from Houston to Sarasota Fl. where we started our family, what a great place to have a family. I still have family in Pensacola and we make it there from time to time but never for very long.


Hope to see you all soon and looking forward to a great time.


Remember don’t sweat the small stuff, you only live once!




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Steve Minton
May 21, 1961 Cantonment FL Lighting Constuction Coordinator Married 2
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Delyn Amberson (Hanks)
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January 13, 1961 Pace FL Accounting Married 2
After high school I moved to Navarre,, stayed there for about 13 years then met my wonderful husband Mark where we moved to Pace. I have 2 children, Ryan 18, and  Taylor 15. Yea, I got started late!. Most of you already have grand children. Ryan graduates this year and received a football scholarship to play for the University of Southern Mississippi this fall. Taylor is a Varsity cheerleader at Pace. 
Can't wait to see everyone!!
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Paul Lowrey
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January 28, 1961 Crestview FL Financial Advisor Married 3
My comments are joint for myself and Amy (Bryan) Lowrey. Amy and I dated all through 11th & 12th grades at Tate and married in April 1981. We have 3 children: Justin,23; Jared 20; and Katie 16. Paul: I spent 20 years in the USAF, serving 17 of those years in Special Operations at Hurlburt Field and Eglin AFB in Fort Walton Beach. The other 3 years was a tour of duty in Germany. I retired from the Air Force in 2000 and started a new career as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones in Fort Walton Beach. I started off the new year (2009) as an Independent Financial Advisor with LPL Financial and have my own practice in Crestview, FL, where we have lived since 1991. Amy: Blessed us with our 3 children and stayed at home with them until Katie started school. She spent so much time volunteering at the schools with our children, they decided to hire her. Amy has worked at Northwood Elementary School in Crestview for the past 10 years helping 1st grade students with reading skills. Justin lives in Gainesville, working and college. Jared lives at home, working and college. Katie, sophomore, lives and breathes Color Guard with the Crestview HS Band and Winter Guard after football season. That is our life, now. It is ironic, we will be at Tate today, March 28th, for the final Gulf Coast Circuit competition. Send Paul a MessageSend Paul a Message
William (Bill) Brackbill
March 16, 1961 Dunwoody GA Land Developer/Home Builder Married 3
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Abby Beard (Hogan)
August 11, 1961 nowhere AB
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Oleg Vinogradov
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Milton FL Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer now a Project Manager, Dept of Veterans Affairs Married 5

Hello everyone.  Wow!  30 years already?  After graduation I spent 3 years In the Marine Corps (Infantry) and 17 years in the Navy (Rescue Swimmer).  The day after retirement I started working for General Dynamics as a Network Engineer.   Worked in an underground military facility on the PA/MD border for 4 years.  I volunteered and was selected for a position at FOB Salerno in Afghanistan (17 miles from the Pakistan border), completed my year.  Came back home to Florida, Hurlburt Field.  I got out of the contracting world and went Civil Service.  I was selected as the Director of Telecommunications on Camp AsSayliyah, in Doha Qatar for the US Army.  Finished my year.  I now work as a Project Manager (software  development) for the Department of Veterans Affairs out of my home office in Milton FL.  My wife Kathy and I have been married for 27 years.  5 children.  4 grand children.  Looking forward to seeing everyone from the Class of 1979 again!  I have more photos of my family posted on Facebook.  :) 

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Bonnie Kirksey (Emerson)
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June 19, 1961 Pensacola FL Owner - America's Sewplace Married 5
Hi everyone.  Not sure if I'm going to make the reunion or not.  We have vacation planned that week.  But I'm still going to try.
After graduation I moved to Houston where I met my husband of 22 years.  After we had 4 kids out there, we decided Pensacola would be a great place to raise the kids (closer to the grandparents.) So in 1989 we moved to Pensacola.  My oldest, Cody will be 21 next month (that magic age.)  Remember when we couldn't wait to be 18?  Anyway, Cody is a Junior at FSU.  He will graduate next year with a double major in Business/Finance & Real Estate.  Will apply for law school after graduation.  My daughter, Taylor  (18) is a Senior at Tate.  Will graduate next month and is planning on going to PJC to become a Dental Hygeinist.  I also, have 2 more sons at Tate, Connor (16) is a Junior and Chase (15) is a Freshman.  
God didn't think I had enough kids to raise, so about 3 years ago, my husband and I got custody of another boy, Seth, who is now 9. He is in the 4th grade at Pine Meadow .  
I am the owner of an embroidery business.  Have been doing this now for 9 years.

I hope to be able to arrange to come to the reunion.

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Susan Robertson (Clarkson)
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June 30, 1961 Stafford VA Marketing Representative/Licensed Title Agent Married 2
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